tampa bay skylineSaw This in Tampa Bay

We live in a world where everybody is snapping pictures of everything, all the time. Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat or whatever your social media network of choice is, people everywhere post pictures of anything interesting they come across.

Tampa Bay is a very fascinating place to live. There’s a lot to see and interesting things happen here all the time. So this website features mostly images of things spotted in the Tampa Bay area. Whether it’s the city of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, or even the outskirts of Tampa Bay, if something cool, weird, fascinating or even dumb is spotted, it will be featured on this website. Why? … Well, why the hell not?! And it doesn’t necessarily have to be Tampa Bay either. Occasionally images outside of the Bay area will be featured because again, why the hell not?!

There really are no rules to what content will be featured here. The only rule is that it has to be interesting enough to share, of course. … Oh, and no porn. Sorry guys (and gals), no pornography here! And we will do our best to not humiliate any particular individual or establishment. But if we come across something funny, cool, interesting or weird in our path, it’s all fair game of course! And if you’re a fan of living in Tampa Bay, you will definitely enjoy this site. … Or not. Can’t please everybody, right? But we think you will!


Welcome to “Saw This In …”. This website is for entertainment purposes only. And there’s plenty of that to go around in the Tampa Bay area! So enjoy it for what it is and come back anytime.