Antique Mercury Car Spotted in Wesley Chapel is Badass!

They sure don’t make em like this no more!

Saw this in Wesley Chapel: Badass purple-grape-colored antique Mercury car. This classic antique car from the 40s … um, 50s … um, who gives a shit? Behold its majesty dammit!  It really is a beauty to look at. And it just plain looks badass. Much respect (and jealousy) to whomever the owner of this … what the hell is this thing anyway? A Google Images search pulled up a 1949 Mercury that looks just like this one. So we’ll go with that.


Seeing One in the Wild

Drive around Tampa Bay long enough and you’ll see a plethora of badass antique cars. And yes jefe, we did say “plethora”. We also know we’re overusing the term “badass” in this post, so shut it! Tampa Bay is no stranger to antique car shows. But what a treat it is to come across a badass (yes, again) antique gem in the wild like this … um … 49 Mercury Monarch?

antique Mercury car Tampa Florida

Dude, Where’s My Car?

There’s really not a whole lot more to say about this car. Except that we want one! And who the hell wouldn’t want one of these? When it comes to looks, it beats the shit out of any car made today! We would provide more information about it if we, you know, actually knew more about it! But you know what, the point of this blog is just to share cool/interesting/strange/ or stupid stuff we come across. So there! And one more thing: BADASS, BADASS,BADASS,BADASS,BADASS,BADASS, BADASS!!!! … And then?

dude where's my car gif


If anybody reading this knows anything more than we do (or don’t) about this antique Mercury car from the year … 1949? Let us know in the comments below. And if you know who the owner is, be sure to tell him to contact us so we can learn more. Or not. Peace out badasses!

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