Ear of Sandwich: Tampa’s Earl of Sandwich Shop Missing Something

Looks like Tampa International Mall’s favorite sandwich shop forgot a ‘L’ittle something

Saw this in Tampa: “Ear of Sandwich” shop at International Plaza. “Ear ye, ear ye!” … The Ear of Sandwich. Sounds like a very appetizing place to eat … wait, what?! Alright, alright, hear us out! We’re not going to knock Earl of Sandwich in this post. But we are going to poke fun at them a little because, why the hell not?! Everybody loves the Earl of Sandwich in Tampa’s International Mall. We think, anyway. And their Holiday Turkey sandwich (the one with the stuffing and cranberry sauce) is to die for! Seriously, their signature holiday turkey sandwich is a dream come true for Thanksgiving food lovers. And the author of this blog post actually looks forward to the holidays just to have one! … Ok, maybe not. But it’s a damn good sandwich, and a staple of their menu.


Sign Language

Before Earl of Sandwich relocated inside the food court of International Plaza, this is what their door sign looked like. Yes ladies and gentlemen, “Ear of Sandwich” was the name on the door! Now in its place is a restaurant called Frankie’s Lobstah Trap. Dammit, doesn’t anyone know how to spell anymore?! … Just kidding. This picture was taken last year. So we’ll just turn a blind ear to it and won’t knock the Ear of Sandwich anymore. We think they’ve heard enough!

Since we poked a little fun at them in this post, let’s give Ear of Sandwich a rub. Check out the Ear of Sandwich … err, the Earl of Sandwich at International Plaza’s website here. And when the holidays roll around again, be sure to try their Holiday Turkey sandwich! Tell them you heard about it from us!


earl of sandwich


Seen anymore advertising blunders like this one in your area? Tell us about it in the comments section. Or contact us here with a picture and a description and we will give you credit on our blog if we use it.

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