Runs “Grate”: Why Spelling Matters, Kids

Used car dealership in Tampa, Florida is “GRATEful”

Saw this in South Tampa: A shitty used car that “Run’s Grate”. (Sigh) Before we get into what’s wrong with this picture, just know that spelling matters, kids! So a used car dealership in Tampa called CB Auto Sales has “Run’s Grate” written on some of the cars it sells. That’s “grate”! … Except it’s not “grate” dumbasses, it’s supposed to be “great”! While it might seem a little cruel to make fun of a person’s ability to spell, CB Auto Sales first and foremost is a business. But their inability to spell is not the worst part here.


Spelling Schmelling!

Courtesy of Webster’s Dictionary, here are a couple of definitions of the word “grate”:

a to gnash or grind noisily
b to cause to make a rasping sound


So … do you really want to buy a car that “grinds noisily”? I don’t know about you but this sounds like a car that seriously needs a “break” job! (See what we did there?). Sure as hell wouldn’t want a car that causes to make a rasping sound either. But hey, for $2500, what can you expect? And what’s with the apostrophe on “Run’s”? Hey, CB Auto Sales: if you want to sell a car, make sure people know it Runs Great!


Somebody Will Buy It

It’s 2018, and we’re living in a world where spelling and grammar seem to matter less and less. Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy” really is turning more into a documentary than a work of fiction. It’s sad to say it, but we really are becoming a society of idiots. That’s not a knock on people who can’t spell but come on: this is a business! And in this context (aka a car you’re trying to sell) you should really take better care of how you advertise the benefits of this vehicle! So I guess a car that “run’s grate” won’t be a deal breaker to the growing number of people who don’t give a shit about spelling or context. I guess you can say the writer of this blog post, to whom spelling matters, is just an “ingrate”.

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