Quoted in Blood: A Tampa Independent Film Horror Short

Independent filmmaking on the rise in Tampa Bay, Florida

Saw this in Tampa: Cool independent short horror film “Quoted in Blood”. Tampa Bay, Florida is fast becoming a burgeoning independent film market. It’s a hotspot region where new crops of independent film makers are honing their craft. And putting their passion projects on camera! “Quoted in Blood” is what happens when a group of Tampa Bay locals produce a no-budget indie horror short on a tight two-week deadline. And that deadline was to submit the film to the Spooky Empire festival in Orlando on time.

Passion Project

The filmmakers behind “Quoted in Blood” weren’t aspiring to become the next big thing in independent horror films. The cast and crew simply wanted to have fun making a short film. But they also wanted to see it enter the largest horror convention in the U.S. And it did! “Quoted in Blood” was accepted as an Official Selection of the Spooky Empire 2017 Film Festival. It was also accepted into the 2017 Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival. And the 2018 Sunshine City Film Festival! Not bad for a short film with zero budget. And a cast and crew of mostly first-timers!



Worth a Look

“Quoted in Blood” is no horror masterpiece. Yes, it has its flaws. But that’s to be expected from a mostly inexperienced cast and crew shooting on a rushed deadline. Final girl “Raven” is skillfully acted by Tampa actress Alexandra Phillips. And the hillbilly villain played by local actor Eric Nilsson provides a great homage to Otis of Rob Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects”. With more time and an actual budget, it had the potential to become something bigger.

But all things considered, what these filmmakers accomplished in a short time is impressive. So if you’re a fan of low budget independent horror films, watch this one. There’s an interesting motley crew of characters found here. And “Quoted in Blood” is a neat example of what independent filmmakers can accomplish with a drive to make something cool. And with no money, but just for fun.


We’ll keep an eye out for more independent films made in Tampa Bay. And if you know of any worth featuring on this site, be sure to mention it in the comments section below. Or contact us, if you prefer.

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